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The Heroes' Inheritance-Chapter Four

Okay, I finally finished chapter four! Action is happening at last. We last left Mark helpless at the point of William's sword, about to be murdered in a rather painful fashion. Lovely cliffhanger, that. Oh, BTW, I got tired of pasting links to previous chapters, so just use that lovely search button up there or click on the label 'The Heroes' Inheritance.'

Chapter Four
Mara let out a scream of denial as she saw Mark fall. When William proceeded to crush his fallen opponent’s ribs, she leapt from her seat, agonized by her brother’s pain. His fear she felt as her own; her own chest ached as William ground his boot into Mark’s chest.
William lifted his sword; Mara saw her twin’s blade lying on the ground several feet away. Clenching her fists, she willed him to reach for it. But his eyes were fixed on William’s blade, hovering over him.
Suddenly, Mark seemed to jerk back into focus. As William’s sword flashed downwards, he rolled aside, just avoiding being impaled on its tip. Mara whispered a quiet prayer of thanks, her shoulders sagging.
The mediator was up again, marching towards William behind the younger man’s back. Meanwhile, William charged towards Mark, who was on his feet once more, sword in hand. Mara stared, stunned, as her brother appeared to instantly recover. He used the momentum of William’s charge against him, sticking his foot out and sending the older man tumbling to the ground. Instantly, William tried to get to his feet, but Mark stepped smoothly towards him and slammed the hilt of his sword into his opponent’s temple. William silently crumpled to the dust, unconscious.
Mara let out a deep sigh of relief, along with the entire crowd. The mediator looked triumphant as he easily hauled William up and dragged him by the collar out of the ring. Mark, for his part, stumbled out of the arena and sagged wearily to the ground.
Later, in the tiny healer’s hut, Mark grumbled as his injured arm was thoroughly checked over by one of the village healers. The woman was rather short, with grey hair and wrinkled but kindly features, and she evidently knew her business- by the time she had finished, the herbs she had put on Mark’s arm had reduced the former agony of the wound to just a dull ache.
The twins thanked her warmly, and left. Marianna insisted that they eat at her home; actually, ‘insisted’ was a bit of an understatement. She ordered them to eat at her home. Meekly, Mark obeyed, and after leaving the village square, he and Mara rode alongside their aunt and Adam on the way back to the lake.
Mara shifted in her saddle, grunting softly. Then she took a deep breath, blurting out, “Mark, what happened in the armory?”
Mark froze. How did she know about the armory? He hadn’t told her yet- though he had planned to. “What do you mean?” he asked nonchalantly.
But she had noticed his hesitation. “Something happened between you and William.”
He sighed, then quietly asked, “How did you know?”
She sighed. “Well, judging by that bruise on your jaw, you had obviously run into someone who didn’t like you. When you fought William, it was pretty clear who it was. Also…” she trailed off.
“What is it?” asked Mark and Adam at the same time.
Mara smiled briefly at them. “Well… you’re going to think I’m crazy.”
“That’s okay,” replied Adam. “We’re all a little out of sorts upstairs, if you know what I mean.”
“Yep. I mean, I’m having creepy prophetic dreams where I speak to my own parents real-time,” Mark pointed out.
Mara sighed. “Well… I think I heard your thoughts.”
“Huh,” said Mark softly, as Adam exclaimed, “That’s crazy!”
But Marianna let out a strangled gasp and whirled around. “Come with me!” she demanded, her tone making it clear they were not to argue with her. She urged her horse to a gallop and set off towards the lake.
Mark followed, sensing the urgency in her tone. Within a few minutes, the four of them had arrived at the house.
Marianna dismounted. “Adam, help me get the horses. You two-” she pointed to the twins- “get inside, quickly.”
Not daring to disobey, Mark led the way inside. Behind the closed door of the little cottage, he faced Mara. “What in the Father’s name was that all about?”
She shrugged, looking equally alarmed. “I suppose we’ll find out,” she said optimistically.
Minutes later, Marianna burst through the door. “Sit down. All of you.”
Worriedly, the three teenagers sat at the oak dining table. Marianna left for several moments, then returned holding a rolled-up piece of parchment. She sat before them and fixed Mara with a hard look. “You heard your brother’s thoughts, you say?”
Mara nodded, looking worried. “It seemed that way, anyway. I don’t… that is, it’s impossible for me to hear people’s thoughts.”
Marianna smiled grimly. “Unfortunately, no.” She stood. “When I met my husband and his brother, I didn’t know everything about them at first. When I married Caleb, he told me where the two of them had been before they came to Travela, why they had been there, and why they had left. Have you ever heard of a place called Liphaeum?”
“Say that one more time, please,” asked Mark.
“Li-fee-um,” she enunciated slowly, unrolling the parchment and smoothing it out on the table. It was a map, showing what appeared to be the whole of Mindelar.
“Haven’t heard of it,” Mark replied, scanning the southern portion of the map until he spotted Travela.
“It’s in the Telliar Mountains, to the north,” Marianna continued, pointing to a place several inches above Mark’s finger. “There’s a village there of significant size, but it’s named for something else.”
“Castle Liphaeum,” Mara murmured. Sure enough, the map showed a tiny depiction of a tower, and next to it the words CASTLE LIPHAEUM.
Then Mark remembered. “I’ve heard some of the villagers talking about it,” he mused. “Some of the stories are a little strange. Tales of magic, and wizards. It’s all nonsense.”
Marianna paused. “But it’s not nonsense. Those stories are, in part, actually true.”
Mark wondered vaguely whether his aunt was perhaps getting a bit old. Seeming to sense what he was thinking, Marianna gave him a hard look. “I’m not crazy,” she said firmly. “Anyway, your parents- and your father, Adam- lived there before coming to Travela. Liphaeum is one of the six large settlements of wizards across the world.”
Mara held up a hand. “So there really are wizards… as in, they can do magic, right?”
Marianna nodded, and seeing their doubtful expressions, sighed and smiled dryly. “I should know, I think. After all, I married one.”
Adam’s jaw dropped. “Dad could use magic?”
She nodded. “Trust me when I say that he and his brother, along with Naia, were not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. Mark, Mara, your parents and Caleb were almost legends in Liphaeum- some of the greatest wizards ever trained there.” Her eyes shone with pride as she spoke, but then they dropped to the table and her voice dropped to barely a whisper. “Of course, where good lies, evil must also dwell. High in the north, there lies a fiery mountain known as K’Raya, or ‘Molten Stone.’ That is where the Dark Wizards make their home. Decades ago, they allied with another deadly enemy of the wizards- the dragons of K’Raya. They, together, held quite a grudge against the Farlanders, and eventually, Emil, Naia and Caleb left Liphaeum in search of a more peaceful life for their children. They truly believed that the problem of the Dark Wizards and dragons was over.”
“But the dragons took them captive,” Mark whispered.
Marianna nodded. “Yes. Their enemies had plotted against them for years, and finally, they succeeded. Now they are at the mercy of the Dark, and have been for these last three years.”
“Oh, Father,” Mara breathed, eyes wide. “That’s…”
“So crazy it must be true,” Mark finished. “But what does that have to do with Mara hearing my thoughts?”
“Part of the reason the Farlander were so powerful was because both the Farlander line and that of your mother’s family were blessed with the gift of mind-speech.”
“What’s mind-speech?” Adam asked.
“It allows you to speak to other people with your mind,” Marianna explained. “You can project your thoughts onto the minds of others or hold a private conversation. Emil, Naia, and Caleb all had the gift.” She paused. “And so do you.”
They all stared at her for a moment, uncomprehending.
“All three of you are wizards,” Marianna continued.
Adam blinked. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
His mother shook her head. “No. What I say is true. Which means that all of you are in danger.” She stood and beckoned to them.
“How come?” asked Adam, following her with his cousins as she walked to the back of the house.
“Because the Dark Wizards have been watching you, as have the dragons,” she replied as she opened the door to her room. “They will seize any chance to strike. They might kill you… but more likely, you’d be taken to K’Raya to be trained in Dark magic. And we can’t let either of those things happen.”
“So what now?” Mark asked, watching as his aunt dug through a large oak trunk beside her bed.
“I’m going to take you to Liphaeum,” Marianna said matter-of-factly. “Hold this.” She passed him a long, cloth-wrapped package, and he took it with his uninjured arm, grunting at the weight. Adam noticed and took the package, and Mark nodded in appreciation.
“Thanks,” he murmured. “It’s a little hard using just one arm.”
“No problem.” Adam returned his attention to his mother once more as she withdrew another bundle and stood. “Come with me,” she told them.
Once back at the kitchen table, she took the package that Adam held and opened it. Inside, there lay a sword. The hilt was leather-bound, set with a sapphire the color of an afternoon sky on a clear day- the most brilliant blue Adam had ever seen.
Marianna picked up the sword and unsheathed it. The blade was long and slim, shining almost blue in the dim candlelight. Adam inhaled sharply, admiring the workmanship.
“This was your father’s blade,” breathed Marianna. “And now you must wield it as he once did. Here, take it.”
He took the weapon reverently and sheathed the blade. “Thanks, Mum.”
She opened the second parcel. “Mark, you have your father’s sword already, right?”
“Yes ma’am.”
Marianna unwrapped a smaller bundle within the first, and Adam gaped. Inside the cloth wrapping lay two daggers, sheathed in identical leather scabbards, with leather-bound hilts and solid metal pommels. They weren’t fancy, but Adam could see that the quality of the blades was outstanding. “Mara, these were your mother’s,” said Marianna softly. “In close combat, she never used a sword, just these- and she was known widely for her skill with them. She’s responsible for as many dragons’ and Dark Wizards’ deaths as your father is.”
Mara’s eyes lit up as she picked up a blade and unheated it. “It’s not steel,” she murmured, confused, as she inspected the blade.
“They’re forged from solid silver,” Marianna explained. “It’s deadly to creatures of the Dark, including dragons.”
“You think we’ll have to fight?” Mark asked.
His aunt nodded. “Now that the first signs of your powers are showing, the Dark Wizards will have sensed you- and your line is so strong that you three are guaranteed to be extremely powerful. They will want you as an asset…”
“…Or want us out of the way.” Mark finished her thought grimly.
Marianna nodded, then opened the last bundle. “Mark, this was your father’s. He planned to give it to you when you were old enough.” She pulled out a long, tapered wooden stick, flexible and polished till it gleamed. At either end were two notches, one on each side of the stick. At the middle, the wood was wrapped in leather. It was only when Adam saw the other contents of the bundle that he understood what it was.
“A bow,” he whispered.
Sure enough, the bowstring was rolled up beside a leather quiver and about thirty black-feathered arrows. Absently, Adam touched the tip of one and cursed quietly as the razor-sharp metal tip cut his fingers.
His aunt gave him a look. “Language, Adam.”
He nodded meekly and turned his attention back to the bow, sucking his cut finger. Mark ran his hands up the smooth wood, then picked up the bowstring and looped it around the bottom end of the bow. He held it there with one foot, his back and upper arm muscles flexing as he bent the heavy bow, slipping the loop into place in the top notch of the bow.
“The draw weight is incredible,” he murmured. “The power of a short-range shot would be huge.” Experimentally, he drew the bow, then slowly released the pressure. “Thankfully, it’s not too much… but I can’t guarantee accuracy.”
Marianna smiled fondly at him. “Practice,” she told him. “You’ll get better, especially once that arm is healed.”
“I hope I don’t have to use it,” Mark said grimly.
Adam wasn’t sure what to think. He was a practical person, and simply accepting his mother’s claim that magic and wizards were real was hard for him, to say the least. He wasn’t sure about the whole ‘hey, let’s go to Liphaeum’ idea, but he supposed it couldn’t hurt. Besides, there could be some truth to what Marianna said. After all, it definitely wasn’t normal to hear someone’s thoughts.

Now I'm getting excited! I want to tell you all everything, but I can't! WHHYYYYY?!?!
Elena out.

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Book Review- Scythe of Darkness by Dawn Husted!

Scythe of Darkness
Dawn Husted
3.5 out of 5 stars

Scythe of Darkness is a romance/dark fantasy story by Dawn Husted. It is one of the most well-written romance novels I have read so far and will be released on June 13th of this year.

The official summary (these are not my own words, just so y'all know):

"For Mia Hieskety, surviving high school meant focusing on exams and attending the occasional party. After breaking up with her boyfriend, who she didn't even like, dating was off the agenda. That is, until Thanatos came along. Mia finds herself lured by the mysterious new student with two-toned eyes. Determined to find out who Thanatos is, what he is, and why he seems so interested in her, she accompanies him to his home where a sinister world awaits. Discovering the truth, a supernatural connection intertwined with her past, Mia's life is at risk- and she doesn't know who to trust."

OMG I will not lie to you, this was some of the first true romance fiction I've ever read (shame on me) and I was not disappointed. The story was very gripping. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of foul language and several kissing scenes. I cannot condone those parts, but I loved the story and could barely stand to put it down. I highly suggest it for older teenagers, as some content is a bit bloody and, well, it's romance- let's just leave it at that.

Please note: I reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of Scythe of Darkness for Ms. Husted, look for the story starting on June 13th!

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New Look and A-Z Writer's Tag!

Watcha think? I was in kind of a tie-dye mood.

Ok, I stole this tag from Mary Katherine over at Sarcastic Scribblings (gracias, Mary Katherine,) who stole it from another blogger.

May I present the A-Z Writer's Tag!

Author You've Read The Most From: 

John Flanagan, author of The Ranger's Apprentice, the Brotherband Chronicles, and the Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years

Best Sequel Ever:

The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan, book 12 in the Ranger's Apprentice. Oh my goodness, that book made me feel warm and fuzzy yet made me cry at the same time.

Currently Reading: 

The Lost Books series by Ted Decker. Christian fantasy, pretty good but a little confusing in places.

Drink of Choice While Reading:

I'll go with water, my mom won't buy me orange juice unfortunately, otherwise that would be my default option.

E-reader or Physical Book:

Physical book. The old ones smell good.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated in High School:

Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. Except maybe a few years younger. And also not dead. Why do all the cute ones die?

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

Love Among the Walnuts by Jean Ferris. Kind of a utopian environment, VERY cheesy in places, but a good plot, hilarious jokes, and likeable characters. I totally would never have usually tried this book, but it was a light, interesting change for my adventure fantasy-loving brain.

Hidden Gem Book:

Warrior of the Son by Samuel Schiller. It's in some obscure corner of the library, and a friend directed me there.... when you look at the cover it's obviously self-published, so normally I wouldn't have checked it out...

Important Moment In Your Reading Life:

1st, when a friend directed me to the Ranger's Apprentice books. Now I'm reading it for the third time. 2nd, when I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Just Finished:


Kind of Book You Won't Read:

Horror and trashy romance. I like some romance, but unlike others, I can't really skip over the bad parts.

Major Book Hangover:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I felt so satisfied, yet so betrayed at the same time. My sister and I were almost crying.

Number of Bookcases You Own:

Two. But they are full to their limits!

One Book You've Read Many Times:

The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. Seriously, I learned tons of Old English from that.

Preferred Place To Read:

Curled up in bed.

Quote That Inspires You, Gives You All The Feels, etc.:

Halt from Ranger's Apprentice: "Is that a bony backside I see poking up out of the grass? Perhaps I should put an arrow through it if its owner doesn't GET IT DOWN!"

Reading Regret:

The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp. Seriously, who puts that many footnotes in a fiction book?

Series You Started And Need to Finish:

Warrior of the Son, Samuel Schiller.

Three of Your All Time Favorite Books:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
The Icebound Land (Ranger's Apprentice)

Unapologetic Fangirl for: 

Ranger's Apprentice!!!!!! *squeals*

Very Excited For This Release:

Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years book 3.

Worst Book Habit:

Somehow I get to thinking I live in the story and think, 'What would Halt do?'

X Marks The Spot! Start at the top of your shelf, and pick the 27th Book: 

A Martyr's Grace by Marvin Newell? How did that one get there? The next one is Peter Pan.

Your Last Book Purchase:

The Last Thirteen: Book One by James Phelan.

ZZZ Snatcher-Last Book You Stayed Up Late to Read

I honestly don't remember. I stay up late to write a lot though.

And I tag:

Jem Jones


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What up, peeps?!

Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, almost.
I'm trying to finish up math and government, but otherwise, my life is great right now.
Just a heads up for all you lovely teenagers about to take Government, HIDE! RUN! MOVE TO VENENZUELA! Or Pakistan. Or anywhere that American government won't matter.

Ahem. Moving on now.

How about another book review?
Or a writers tag?
Whatever y'all want, I have very little on my plate.


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Ok. I have posted. Now goodbye.

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The Heroes' Inheritance- Chapter Three

Hola, amigos. I give you chapter three in my epic fantasy, the Heroes' Inheritance.
The links to Prologue and chapters 1-2:

I'm so proud of that tiny stack of chapters.
Chapter Three



            After some of the men forced William to free Mark, Adam knelt beside his cousin. “Mark, are you alright?” he demanded.

            “I will be… as soon as I can… catch my breath,” Mark croaked. “Is he gone?”

            “Yeah. Can you stand?”

            Mark scowled. “I’m fine. Just a little sore.” Truthfully, he was embarrassed that he had been brought down so easily in front of so many. “How much longer until we start?”

            Adam relayed the question to someone else. “Fifteen minutes,” he replied. “Do you want to practice?”

            Mark gave his cousin a wry grin. “If it will get me away from trouble,” he said. As he stood, a low murmur of approval rose from the throats of those around him.

"Good lad," said an older man, slapping him on the shoulder.

 "You show 'em," muttered someone nearby.

            "Don't let 'im get you down, lad," said another. 

Mark slowly drew his practice blade and the room went quiet. He forced a smile. "Anyone up for a practice round?"




Fifteen minutes later, the twenty-two competitors were told to go outside to the arena's edge, where a long bench had been set up. Here they could rest between matches, and cold ice water was provided.

The first match was between two men Mark didn't know, though he recognized one of them as having been with William in the armory. For the second match, William himself was called out. Mark felt a pang of sympathy for the scrawny boy facing Swiftviper, but he reminded himself that this was how it always was. The tournaments were meant as friendly yet semi-realistic practice fighting. The weak had no chance.

Soon, Adam was called to the arena. Mark studied his cousin's opponent critically. The lad was tall and muscular, but he had a smirk on his face that showed his character plainly. He was underestimating Adam, and Mark knew he would regret it. Though Adam didn't possess the natural skill at swordsmanship that Mark did, his skill was well above average.

When Adam returned, sweaty and panting, a broad grin covered his face. "That was the best duel of my life," he stated.

"Well, just make sure that it wasn't the worst of your opponent's life," said Mark pointedly.

            Adam's mouth formed a perfect O of understanding. He turned away from Mark and walked back to the other boy's side. Mark didn't hear their conversation, but after talking with Adam for a few moments, the boy smiled hesitantly. They shook hands. Mark would have kept watching, but just then his name was called.

He stood, loosened his blade in its scabbard, and strode out to the center of the ring, where two men stood already- the mediator, a burly, muscular man in his late thirties, and Mark's first opponent, a slim young man who appeared to be around twenty. His name was Ephraim Stillspring.

The two of them shook hands, then at a nod from the mediator, Mark drew his sword. His actions were mirrored by the other man's as they crossed blades.

            Lunging forward, Mark easily forced his opponent backward several steps, then paused, blades locked, feeling out the other man's guard. He was clumsy on the left side - Mark could use that. Just as he could use Ephraim's determined forward motion- the older man was always trying to gain ground, not taking the time to find Mark's weaknesses. If he had tried, he would have found that there were very few- Mark could fight with both hands, unlike many, so his guard was solid.

The duel didn't last long. Mark defeated his opponent easily and was declared the winner. Not wanting to make more enemies among his old opponents, Mark praised Ephraim's quick action and powerful offense with genuine appreciation.

Two matches later, he was called out against Adam. He wasn’t quite sure how to approach this match, but he made his decision when Adam gave him a look in the ring. “If you let me win, I’ll kill you,” he muttered darkly.

Predictably, Mark won. Adam shrugged good-naturedly and Mark gave him an apologetic grin. “Maybe the sword isn’t the best weapon for you,” he suggested. “I could picture you with a battleax… maybe a mace?”

Adam raised one eyebrow. “A mace.” His tone made his doubt of Mark’s sanity clear.

Mark would have replied, but then his name was called once more.

“Mark Farlander… versus William Swiftviper.” The magistrate’s voice echoed across the arena.

“Blast,” Mark muttered.




In the stands, Mara watched as her brother retreated to the sidelines, then was called out again. When he did, she noticed that he looked rather pale, a grim scowl on his face. Concerned, she glanced at the second man entering the ring, a tall, well-muscled man of around twenty. His handsome face was twisted into a nasty grin, and Mara shuddered; for a split second she recognized the stranger, but then she shrugged the feeling away. She had never seen him before.

They crossed swords in the center of the ring, after a handshake in which the stranger, whose name was William Swiftviper, was obviously trying to break Mark’s fingers. An expectant silence filled the arena, and as the two men stared into each other’s eyes, Mara could sense the tension between them even from this distance.

It was William who made the first move. He attempted a right side cut and Mark blocked it almost contemptuously, then launched a series of rapid side and overhand cuts, which smacked into William’s blade with a loud clang of steel on steel. William snarled out a curse and lunged. This time, Mark barely parried his opponent’s thrust.

As Mara watched, she knew that Mark had met his match. She sensed the determination practically emanating from him, and could almost tell what he was thinking: I have to win. I can’t let him defeat me after what he did to me in the armory. Mara jumped, realizing what had just happened. Was that her own imagination, or had she really just heard her brother’s thoughts?

“Mara?” asked Marianna from beside her. “Is something wrong?”

Mara looked into her aunt’s eyes, and shook her head. “I’m fine,” she lied.

Turning her attention back to the fight below, she realized with shock that for once in Mark’s life, he didn’t appear to be doing so well. The match had been going on for several minutes now, and Mark’s movements appeared sluggish and weak. He couldn’t raise his blade in time to block a slash from William’s blade, and Mara saw scarlet blood stain the sleeve of his tunic.

A gasp went up from the crowd as Mark staggered backward with a cry of pain. Instantly, the mediator stepped forward, but William, spotting him, thrust a hand out and shouted something unintelligible. The man was thrown violently backward by some unseen force, causing more gasps from the crowd.

Turning back to Mark, William raised his sword.




Mark was horrified at this turn of events. So William hadn’t planned to publicly defeat and humiliate him after all.

He had planned to murder him.

Well, Mark wouldn’t go down without a fight, in any case. Sure, William possessed some sort of power that was almost like…

Magic, Mark thought suddenly. Then he pushed the thought aside. Magic wasn’t real, he reminded himself.

But in any case, Mark knew that he was the better swordsman. He had trained with a blade since childhood. Now his skills would be tested.

As if on cue, William lunged for him, sword in hand. Mark raised his blade to block the other sword, but as if in slow motion, he felt the sword leave his hands and saw the ground rushing up to meet him.

He rolled over as William stormed towards him. “Now you’re going to die, Farlander,” the man snarled.

In a futile attempt to defend himself, Mark scrambled backward, dragging himself with his hands. However, William quickly caught up with him. His heavy boot came down on Mark’s chest, and he dropped his full weight on his defeated opponent’s body. Mark shouted out a wordless cry as pain flared in his ribs.

William sneered down at him and muttered something under his breath. Mark found his limbs unspeakably heavy; he could barely move, let alone stand and fight. He gasped for breath and fear turned his blood cold as William’s sword rested against the side of his throat.

“See you in hell,” William hissed.




Cliffhangers! Bwahahahaha!

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Writer's Tag!

Whoop! My very first ever writer's tag! My brain is doing dances inside my head because my body doesn't know how, lol.

Thanks to Gray over at for tagging me!

            What Genres, Styles, and Topics Do You Write About?
            Fantasy! I live for fantasy! (Maybe an overstatement, but then again... maybe not.) I also have written a little mystery and Sci-Fi, even a tiny bit of historical fiction. But mostly fantasy.

            How Long Have You Been Writing?
           Pretty much since I learned how to read and write. Oh, who am I kidding? Forever.

            Why Do You Write?

             Honestly, partly for my own enjoyment, and also because there are so many stories, dreams, and imaginary thingamajigs bouncing around in my brain it's very hard to focus. It's like, 'Mom can I take a break from government to go write down this scene between my bad guy and the good guy's sister-in-law?' I literally will not rest until that scene is written. Then I can't stop writing and I don't actually get to do government. Not sure if that is a bad thing.

            When is the Best Time to Write?
            Anytime, anywhere, just as Gray said. I bring my phone with me everywhere and I have a huge OneNote document filled with story ideas. I literally type on it everywhere.

          What Parts of Writing Do You Love? What Parts Do You Hate?

          I love creating complex characters and relationships between those characters. I love making them real- not just story people, but people who seem like true, complex human beings (or elves or dwarves or pixie, if I'm in the mood.) This is a bit creepy, but It's like I'm a puppet master. I created the story world and all the people.

             I really hate when I look back at old writing and it sounds like it's written by a child. (I mean, it is, but that's not important.) It sounds like a fifth-grader wrote it. And I am in tenth. Shame.

            How Do You Overcome a Writer's Block?

            I literally just sit and stare at my screen. Or force myself to work on a different story until I'm dying to return to the old one and work on it. Writing deprivation is a great tool to defeat writer's block.

            Are You Working on Something at the Moment?

            I am working on editing my book, Mage, finishing my short story, Warrior of the Black Lily, and rewriting my novel, The Heroes' Inheritance.

            What Are Your Writing Goals This Year?

            I want to finish editing and publish Mage, and possibly finish its sequel. Btw, that is a great book if I do say so myself.

I only know like one other blogger, and that's Gray, so I have no one specific to tag. But I tag:

Someone wearing orange
Someone who still sleeps with a stuffed animal
Someone who doesn't have a TV
A homeschooler who reads Harry Potter
And someone who can play the cowbell.

Adios, compaƱeros.

One Thing I Forgot To Mention

OH YEAH- I will continue posting The Heroes' Inheritance on this blog. Updates may be a bit sporadic, but I'll keep writing it. El...