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Star Wars: (Warning- this could possibly become a very long rant. Also, spoiler alert.)

Okay, folks. I am a Star Wars fan. Perhaps that's an understatement. I just got The Force Awakens from the library and I HAVE LITERALLY SEEN THAT MOVIE LIKE SIX OR SEVEN TIMES THESE LAST TWO WEEKS. I was babysitting my siblings and it occurred to me that when I babysit, one can pretty much guarantee that we will watch that movie at least once. If we have it on hand. I need to just buy the thing.
Oh, and there will be spoilers.
But today I'm here to talk about something that has made me WAY TOO EXCITED. Fan theories.
And i will mention every important TFA theory i know of. You don't believe me, do you?
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Incredibly so.

Rey Theories 

Fan Theory #1: Rey is a Solo
Okay, how is this even possible? Think about it. If Rey was Han and Leia's daughter, then since she is force-sensitive, she would also have been sent to train with Luke at the Jedi Academy. Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) is 29 in TFA and Rey is 19. Kylo Ren betrayed Luke and destroyed the academy when he was around 20 years old, which means at that time, Rey was about 10 years old. SO KYLO WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT HIS SISTER. HE WOULD HAVE KNOWN WHO REY WAS IN THE MOVIE WHEN HE CAPTURES HER. ALSO HAN AND LEIA WOULD PROBABLY HAVE MENTIONED IT.

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Unless of course he believed that Rey had been killed... judging by his overall character, at that point he wouldn't have killed his own sister, so he probably thought one of the other Knights of Ren had done it. And in that case, he probably would have recognized her, with the Force, at least.
Or maybe he spared her on purpose and left her on Jakku, where he believed he would never see her again.
And does anyone remember this moment?

Image result for i never knew there was so much green in the whole galaxy rey meme

OH THE GUILT ON HIS FACE. Maybe he knows who she is. Maybe he knew from the very beginning.

Fan Theory #2: Rey is a Skywalker
This one makes slightly more sense. What if Luke had a child? That could have contributed to his disappearance after Kylo's betrayal. If he believed his own child had been killed, he would have felt even more guilt about his own 'failure.' Again, Kylo could have spared his cousin and left her on Jakku. He would have recognized her.

Fan Theory #3: Rey is a Kenobi
This is actually distinctly possible. Maybe Obi-Wan didn't judge Anakin and Padme because HE WAS IN LOVE TOO? Maybe he had a kid who had a kid who was Rey? Obi-Wan's past before becoming the apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn was never elaborated upon. Maybe he had siblings who were force-sensitive and Rey is one of their descendants.

Fan Theory #4: Rey is not a Solo, Skywalker, OR Kenobi

Finn Theories

Fan Theory #5: Finn is a Jedi

Related image
ABSOLUTELY! He handled that lightsaber surprisingly well under the circumstances, though he was defeated by Kylo in the duel at Starkiller Base. But it doesn't look like Disney will follow through and make the guy a Jedi. Heck, he might not even be alive that much longer.

Han Theories

Fan Theory #6: Han's Still Alive
Sorry, folks. He's DEAD. Very much so. Even if he didn't die from his wounds, that fall was nasty.

*cries profusely* NOOOOOO! HAN!

Image result for han solo death rey gif

He's dead.

Kylo Ren Theories

Fan Theory #7: He's a terrible person, a cold-blooded killer who has no hope of turning to the light.

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Hate to break it to you, KYLO REN STILL HAS A CHANCE. You can see his mixed emotions throughout the movie, when he captures and interrogates Rey, when he clashes with Hux, when he is ordered to bring Rey to Snoke, and even before he kills his father. Even when he duels Rey later, is appears as though he is holding back. He doesn't want to kill her. In fact, he's trying his hardest not to kill her. He wants her to join him. Poor guy probably hasn't talked to a girl in years.

Image result for you need a teacher kylo ren gif

Yeeeaaaaahhh. Like she's going to say yes when your lightsaber is inches from her face and you have her backed up against the edge of a cliff.
Like, "Ren, shove off. You may be hot but you don't know the first thing about asking a girl out." Then she proceeds to whip his arrogant behind in the coolest duel ever.

Fan Theory #8: He's just an emotional teenage brat who likes Hot Topic WAY too much.
Well... Yes, he is rather emotional. He has anger issues.

He and Hux act like kids fighting for the favor of a parent.

Snoke: *considers Hux's suggestion to attack the Republic*
Snoke: Good, General. Oversee preparations.
Kylo: *looks at Hux, irritated*
Hux: *meets Kylo's gaze and smirks*
Hux: (thinking) He gave me the important job. Ha!
Kylo: *glowers under mask*
Hux: (thinking) Yes! Points for Hux.

And he's not a teenager, he's 29.
Yes, he appears to have a fondness of the color black. Though that's probably because of his misplaced obsession with Darth Vader.

And he doesn't really handle all situations that well. But i will tell you the truth.

KYLO REN BREAKS MY HEART AND STOMPS IT INTO THE GROUND. HE WAS JUST A KID WHO MADE THE WRONG CHOICES. I BLAME SNOKE. I'LL BET IT KILLED HIM TO MURDER HAN. Just like it would probably kill him to face his mother. Have you even seen all the heartbreaking memes and Tumblr posts about the regret he faces? Doubtless, he'll come after Rey again to convince her to join him. Obsessive? Maybe. Again, he probably hasn't had a date in years. He's a bit desperate.


Fan Theory #9: Rey/Finn Ship
YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! He obviously likes her. And she kissed him at the end of the movie. I'll bet he was really awake and was just like YAY SHE KISSED ME after she left. They would do well together. In other words, I SHIP THIS SO MUCH. It's the good ship that no one feels guilty about. Fluff.

Fan Theory #10: Rey/Poe Ship
They haven't actually met at this point, though I'm sure they will eventually. They have a mutual friend in Finn, and in one of the last scenes of the movie, when the medics take Finn from the Millennium Falcon, Poe is with them and looks back at Rey as they walk away. Of course, they would eventually become friends anyway with Finn as their connection. And the TFA novelization describes their brief meeting. It was awkward. But I don't ship it.

Fan Theory #11: Rey/Kylo Ship
Y'all, this could work. Obviously, he would rather have Rey join him than be forced to kill her. What if she becomes his only pull to the light? He'll go after her, possibly under Snoke's orders. The Supreme Leader will want Kylo to kill Rey, but instead, he'll try to convince her to join him. She thinks he's a monster, he probably thinks she's the best/worst thing that's happened to him in years. He's very conflicted. On one hand, she pulls him to the light, so he tries to stay away, but he can't. He didn't have to go after her on Starkiller Base, but he had to try to convince her to join him. Poor guy can't make a decision. Honestly, the Reylo memes and Tumblr posts I've seen are heartbreaking. Of course, it wouldn't work if they were related. This is the ship that makes everyone feel guilty.
 And people keep on hating on it. So this is what I say to you.

Reylo lives on.

MEMES!!!!!! And other random stuff i found on Pinterest:

FOR REALS <--- you mean she grimaced angrily at you and you had never seen that expression before?? EXACTLY what I was thinking in the theater!:
Kylo Ren The Last Jedi:

Kylo are and Rey as cousins theory Theory accepted.---Although I believe in the Rey-is-a-Kenobi theory, if she's not, than that's the best explanation.:


  1. Not much of a star wars fan, however that last meme about Hans made me smile.

    Where have you been? This is the first time in forever that you posted. (See what I did there?) *Tomatoes get thrown* Okay, anyway, nice to see you post again. :D

    1. Haha, nice pun. And I was at camp and VBS and stuff. I had to write something.

    2. Oh fun. Thank you for taking pity on my pun. I try to be clever, lol.
      God bless you!

  2. Awesome post! :)

    Would you mind checking out my book reviews blog at and possibly give it a follow? Super excited to read your posts!

    - El

    1. Thanks, El! Your blog looks great!

  3. STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, I, too, am a huge fan!! (Which one is your favorite?)
    All these theroies are blowing my mind!!!! Do you know any theroies on why in the world C3P0 has the red arm?
    I don't know, I mean, we are all voting for Rey and Finn, but I wouldn't mind the others.
    Saddest thing about Kylo Ren: he won't get to face his mother! :C (RIP Carrie Fisher.)
    Awesome post! I can't wait for more!

  4. I like episodes 6 & 7, and yeah, there's a lot of theories out there! I think Rey and Finn would be cute, but for some reason I can't stay away from Rey and Kylo... And I have no idea what will happen with Leia in The Last Jedi. I can't wait for that movie!

    1. Yes, I agree, I do really like Reylo (You even came up with a name!!!) I can't wait either! We only have 5 more months to wait!

    2. Indeed! I am so excited!

  5. I love Star Wars too! Though to be honest I didn't really like The Force Awakens? Which is odd because just about everyone else loved it XD My favourites are the original three movies, the ones from like the 80s, I've watched them like five times each! :)


    1. Oh, that's sad... but I agree, the originals are actually the best:)


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