My Writing Life

Now that I'm posting some of my writing on this blog, I figure it's about time you know a little about that area of my life. I've written more stories than I can count, and have composed a couple of decent poems. My greatest literary achievement is my book, Mage. It is around 200 pages, and perhaps sixty thousand words. It's my favorite story (duh) and I will often spend hours at a time dreaming up scenes for it. I'm working on a sequel now, but I'm also working on getting Mage edited, proofread, and published (eventually). I am so obsessed with that story, I'm getting goose bumps right now. I feel like I'm on a caffeine high. Fellow authors may understand this.

Problem: Boredom
Diagnosis: Inactive Creative Juices
Medication: Writing
Other suggestions: Write, write, WRITE!
Side affects may include- sleep loss, inexplicable fits of psychotic screaming, bouncing off walls, giddiness, obsessive focus on computer/other screen, writer's cramp, sore wrists, self-starvation, possible insanity.

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  1. Lol! I couldn't have put it any better!! And your book Mage is awesome! When it comes out you MUST let me tour it on my blog!!!


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