The Songs of My Heart

My family is VERY musical. At my house, you will pretty much hear music being played at almost any time of the day. I play guitar and piano, and I love to sing. My dream career is to be a performing artist and go on tour around the country.

My favorite songs:
Never Alone by BarlowGirl
Heart of Stone by Britt Nicole
Angel By Your Side by Francesca Battistelli
Living Waters by Keith and Kristyn Getty
Feel It by TobyMac

My favorite artists:
Britt Nicole
Jamie Grace
Francesca Battistelli
Danny Gokey
Natalie Grant
The Gettys
Hawk Nelson (the old stuff mostly)

I also write songs! In August of last year, I performed my song Wait on TV in my hometown! It was an amazing experience.
I write all kinds of music, and I've even rapped on a few songs. I really can rap, don't call me crazy. Once I was helping with music at an inner city kids ministry I work at, and when I started to rap the worship leader just started grinning like crazy. It was great.

I'll try to post some music videos of my songs and covers of others. I promise!

Oh, BTW, my sister and I are trying to come up with a cover of BarlowGirl's Never Alone...

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